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• 8/19/2015

Now Announcing a week of Bruce Lee stuff

during the week in which this is posted, ill be posting seven different pieces of content pertaining to The Dragon himself, Bruce Lee. I had to skip a rant or two to be able to prepare, but its well worth the wait for me. Hope you enjoy. Fist article will be on Wednesday, August 13th. hope you enjoy.

ps, this year is Bruce Lee's 75th anniversary(of birth, not death) and his friends and family are posting lots of cool stuff on the Bruce Lee official Facebook page. Check it out if you get a chance!

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• 8/19/2015

I regret to inform you that Dragon week has been delayed due to electrical issues in my area. Rescheduling will depend on when these problems are resolved. As long as I am not experiencing any problems at the moment, I will continue with normal rants and articles. When I'm, sure I can begin without interruption, I will schedule Dragon week.

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