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Vital statistics
Position Greenlit Admin
Age 21 years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 389 feet (118.5 meters)
Weight 50,000 tons

Name Origin

Godzilla comes from the star of the Godzilla franchise, which is one of GodzillaZero-one's interests. Zero-One refers to one of the Showa Godzilla films, Invasion of the Astro Monster. In the film, the aliens in the film refer to Godzilla as 'Monster Zero One'.

What He Does

GodzillaZero-One first joined Wikia on Wikizilla (the Godzilla wiki), where he met Johnos Firewalker. When the Johnos Firewalker Wikia was made, he followed Johnosfirewalker to it, where he was promoted to admin and created a series of reviews. The reviews gained a decent amount of popularity, and got greenlit (allowed to be made as pages). GodzillaZero-One now is active on many wikia, including Wikizilla.

Preferred Weapons

Atomic beam


Nuclear Pulse

Spiral beams