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Hello again Empire! Today will be a short but long awaited review of my favorite Kaiju movie of all time. I plan on doing a Godzilla-thon from October 1st - 30th, so I'll give a more in-depth review then. It might be this year, maybe next year, whichever year I'm feeling up to the task. Speaking of said task, it would be exhausting. I have to get up for school at 5:00 AM, and I start writing my articles at midnight and work for an few hours until I'm done. But anyway, lets get into it.

The Plot

I'll give a loose outline. Some people from the future come to Japan to warn them that Godzilla is going to destroy the country. They go back in time and move Godzilla from the place he was made at, but leave three Dorats in his place. Godzilla's place in history is replaced by King Ghidorah. The Futurians are controlling King Ghidorah and telling him to destroy Japan. The Japanese Futurian doesn't like that, and sides with the people of Japan. Out of the ocean where they moved him, a new Godzilla is created by a sunken nuclear sub and he fights and defeats King Ghidorah and destroys the Futurian mother ship. Then Godzilla goes on a rampage across Japan. They then go to the future, get King Ghidorah from the ocean floor, tricks him out with new cybernetics, and use it to fight Godzilla. They win, the Japanese Futurian goes home, Godzilla isn't really dead, and the credits roll.

What I Thought

Great Godzilla movie. The monster scenes are some of the best in the whole franchise, and the plot is complex and interesting, although it might not sound like it the way I explained it. The first Kaiju movie I ever saw, and still to this day my all time favorite. I still have the VHS tape from all those years ago.


So thats about it. by normal movie standards I'd give it a 9/10, but in Kaiju movie standards, it deserves the rare 11/10. I have so much more to say about this movie, but I want to have at least something to say about it during the Godzilla-thon. On one final note, i found this really cool resin statue(pictured below). It was on Google Images, then when I checked Ebay, I found one, unpainted, for $60. Little out of my price range, but I did put it on my watch list. So with that, I'm out. Have a good one out there!

Cool statue

for only $60 this could be mine! I'd have to paint it myself though, so I don't know.