Hello Empire! Its good being an Emperor. Welcome to the first rant on my apparently long-awaited Wiki. Today I'll be giving you the standard operating procedure for my rants and introducing my trusted staff.


Topics will range from "games", "movies", "television" to "I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!" That is the way of the rant. I rant like an old timer for a few sentences with a lot of opinions and a pinch of humor thrown in. Sounds fun right? Trust me, it is.

The Staff

Heres a list of my super helpful staff. I also added a little summary of what they've done to help out. In order of promotion time we have:

LesStudios: Layout and design

GodzillaZero-One: Error Spotting, Suggestions and Minor Edits

SuperNerd295: Grammar Correction and Chat Emote

Meeston Falcon - error spotting and corrector

Give them a hand or two folks, they helped out ALOT! Without them, there would be no Johnos Firewalker Wiki.


I will always end the rant with an afterword. When its a review, I'll give it a out-of-ten score. After that, I'd talk about whats new, whats next, and ask for some feedback to improve my formula and the site in general. Also, I'll be doing video rants on my YouTube channel whenever i feel like it really. Sometimes I'll tie it in with a rant here and address some comments in the video. Anyway, I have a feeling the only people that will see this post are the before-mentioned admins. OH WELL! And now is the time where I say good day!