For Johnos' point of view on his self, check out his user page.

Vital statistics
Position Founder of The Johnos Firewalker Wikia
Age 18 years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 7"
Weight 130 lbs

Johnosfirewalker is the creator and main subject matter of this entire wiki. Also the leader of the Firewalker Empire.

Name Origin

Johnos comes from his IRL name John. The 'os' was added to make the name sound more masculine. It was first used as a name for his character in Diablo 3. Later on Firewalker, the title of a Chuck Norris movie, was added as a surname. It has been his username/gamertag ever since.


Johnos wears black loafers, black socks, black athletic or dress pants, his trademark black hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath, and glasses. Sometimes wears a baseball cap or fedora/trilby. Slender build. His hair varies in length, from medium to long due to long periods of time between haircuts, combed straight. Complexion can be described as "Pastey". Facial hair is usually clean shaven. Skin slightly pimply at times. Often carries a backpack 40 lbs or greater in weight. Walks with a slight limp.

What He Does

He rants to hopefully create a fan base to quell his loneliness. He sometimes makes minor edits on Wikizilla and is a general nerd. He has some IRL friends, but he doesn't interact with them very much outside of school. He also has a YouTube channel that features lets-plays, video rants, and reviews of all sorts of things. Video rants will correspond to rant articles, and will be posted on both YouTube and on its article counterpart. For more on his rants, check out the article about it.

Preferred Weapons

One-Handed long sword. (preferably on fire.)

Heater style Shield (haha, get it?)

Light Armor (though he uses heavy armor in Skyrim)

Nunchucks (because he is the master at nunchucks)

Hand-to-Hand (somewhat proficient)

M16A2 Assault Rifle (pinpoint accuracy, low recoil, burst fire)

USP .45 Handgun (power and fire rate)