Hello Again Empire. I usually stay away from this kind of thing, both in my work and in mypersonal life. But this time the bullshit meter has reached it's peak, and it's time for another angry nerd to enter the fray.

What Happened

A three year old child climbed into the Gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. One of the gorillas began to drag the defenseless child about, seemingly not letting him leave arms reach. A zookeeper then fatally shot the gorilla with a rifle. Instead of being happy that a child was saved, everyone got mad at the zookeeper, the child's parents, and even THE CHILD HIMSELF for killing a fucking possibly dangerous animal.

My Opinion on the Matter

You see, I'm in a minority when I say I'd shoot a gorilla to prevent my child from being LITERALLY TAKEN APART IN FRONT OF ME. If that overgrown ape even looked at my kid sideways I'd blow it's fucking head off. End of story. Everyone keeps saying that "gorillas are capable of loving and caring! We can't just kill them when they give us problems!" Anything, as a species, that is capable of any emotion also has the ability to hate, dispise, and have seemingly random bouts of violent bloodthirsty rage. Need an example? Human beings are capable of joy and love and compassion. Also, we are the the most evil, threatening thing in the known universe. In conclusion: I'd kill a man thats killing my kid just as fast as I'd kill an ape thats killing my kid. As you morons keep saying; "They're the same as we are!"


That was a load off my mind. I need to rest and decompress further. Until next time, have a nice day.