Mega man 2

Hello everyone! Its me, Johnos! Its the day after my birthday and I'm doing my first Game review. My Gold Collection review will wait until New Years. I will however make a info page for the Gold Collection so Y'all know whats up. Lets get going.


There really isn't one. The goal is to destroy all eight robot masters and use their weapons to take down the evil Dr. Wily once more. Pretty simple.


A simple shooter/sidescroller. The controls are fluent and the weapons are all unique and useful in certain situations. The character hitbox is a little too big. Its a not a huge deal until the levels when you need to make some tight squeezes between spiked walls. The game is EXTREMELY difficult to complete. I had to use save states. You better know what weapons to use and where or you're royally fucked in boss fights. Its rewarding to finish , but frustrating to get there.


For 8-bit, it looks pretty good. When you look at drawings of characters and then look at the sprites you'll easily be able to tell what things are.


The sounds and music of this game are iconic, and its easy to see why. The soundtrack perfectly compliments the gameplay. The sound effects are great. I could imagine nothing better. You simply can't touch those sounds, and nobody has tried since the original was released. The game is extremely ear-friendly.


Difficult, but really good. 9/10. They don't make 'em like they used to. Hey, it took me so long to get around to finishing this review that it is no longer the day after my birthday. No matter, it'll do. After this is up, I'll put an info page about the Gold Collection and give some examples. Other than that, this is all I have for today. I may not get to do a review on New Years, so in case I don't, Happy New Year everybody! Good Night!