Well, here we are, Firewalkians, this wiki is close to being fully developed. Everybody give Johnos, me, the other admins, and yourself a pat on the back! Congratulations everybody! Well, this isn't a page for congratulations, so let's get moving! As the title says, I will be starting a new series, and I will need your help. No, I'm not asking for money. The new series will be kaiju fantasy battles! Generic, eh? It will be called


What's that? Sounds like a Star Wars ripoff? I spent hours slaving away, Googling things like 'good follow ups for titles' and 'what should I name my kaiju series?' and 'what will I look like in 30 years?'. Never mind that last one. To the point, here's how I plan the Kaiju Wars will work out:

  1. You read this.
  2. You comment down below which kaiju you would like to see fight.
  3. I wait a couple weeks totally forgetting about this.
  4. I remember.
  5. I randomly chose one of the fights recommended.
  6. I post a play by play of the recommended fight.
  7. Johnos will probably punish me for not doing my job.
  8. I get fired.

Okoi, let's say hypothetically that #3, #4, #7, and #8 don't happen, this might turn out a success! Or a total flop. Anyways, give me some ideas below.


And good bye!