Hello people! And yes, I'm not reviewing a figure this time! PLOT TWIST! Hopefully no one gets pissed at me for doing this, though no one will. I don't think Johnos is gonna freak and remove my green lit rights (red-lit?). What's that you're saying? I'm late to the "Crap-on-ShinGoji-Design" party? Well, my friends, I'm not ON the "Crap-on-ShinGoji-Design" party. So, without further ado, let's get it started.

Head and Neck

Well, here we are. The squinty eyed, crooked toothed, bloody giraffe monstrosity. Isn't it just terrifying? What's that? Sarcasm detector is off the charts? I'm afraid I'm not being sarcastic. I think it does look horrifying. The tiny, unblinking eyes make it look like a creature, and less of a being, and as do the teeth. The neck, well, it's a bit odd, but far from out of place. It makes him look taller, you know?

Chest and Stomach

The chest gives us a hint at the plot, and that is that Godzilla swallowed a very large bird cage, and he's getting revenge on Japan for their crimes! Godzilla's chest in this suit is very prominent, in a sense that it looks like Godzilla injected an artificial growth hormone directly into his rib cage. Also he's on a diet, so he's extremely skinny


WHY SO SHORT! It's like Godzilla was messing around Jet Jaguar while they were both drunk and high, and Jet Jaguar was like, "i'M gOnNa ShRiNk YoUr ArMs," and then BOOM! ShinGoji arms. I honestly think Shin would be better with ACTUAL ARMS..


Umm... They're thick I guess... Really there's not much to the legs, just as beat up as everything else... Whatever, moving on.


Dear lord Jesus! Get a 100 meter knife for that thing! It's sooooooo long. To be honest though, I sort of think the tail is really cool. Plus it adds for a ton of articulation points on a SHMA toy.


Absolutely unique, for something. It'll accomplish it's purpose, I think.


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