Good day ladies and gents! Sorry I'm late, but I'm here today to bring you my short review of the Funko Pop Vinyl Cell! 


Pretty nice, with a few seem lines and paint smudges here and there. I especially love his cute/hideous stinger and wings. In a nutshell: Large head. Moving on!

ARTIGULASHUNZ (typo intended)

Four words: Swivel at the head.


Bobblehead Cell is 4-5 tall.


Simplistic, but good for what it is.

9/10 Nice for what it is (and he's cheap!)

WIN 20160222 155623

KINDLE CAMERA 1451680645000

Stock footage! >:D

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Have a good one!
WIN 20160222 155538

Next week: NECA Godzilla 1994

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