Hello fellow Soldiers of The Firewalker Empire! I have been thinking and finally decided to make a series of reviews hosted by me, Master Zero. This is, obviously, the first 'episode', so to speak, and today I will go over the format, basis, and purpose of Master Zero's Reviews.

To start off, I will mostly be reviewing toys and figures, but I may vary sometimes. I will give you a few sections, such as articulation, paint and sculp, etc., and a final thought and rating out of ten. I will not be posting videos of the review (because you will never see the man behind the curtains >:D). I might post a few pictures and will announce the next review. They will come out basically once a week, any day, and I might not post something on time.

So, what do you think, will this series work? Or will it flop? There are comments, for a reason, so share your thoughts. Until next week, Master Zero, The Fist of the Firewalker Empire, signing off.

Next week: SH MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 Special Color Version

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