DISCLAIMER: The picture button isn't working on my Surface, so pictures in the images page.

So there is a slight change of plans... Emperor J' messaged and said that if I do well on this review, they'll start being PAGES. To continue the series, though, I'll have to pull a Johnos and make these reviews now have NO DEADLINE. So don't bother complaining about late reviews. Without further ado, let's move on with the review (hey that rhymes).


Big mean blob here has a swivel at the waist, ball aand socket at the shoulders, hinge on the elbows, and swivel wrists. Hedorah also has a ball joint athe the legs, hinge knees, and swivel feet things. (I can't really call them feet.) Heddy (ha, Heddy) is pretty average in this part.

Paint and Sculpt

Pretty good. This particular alien puke ball consists of lots of folds and drips coming from his body. He has some mean red eyes (are you thinking what I'm thinking?) and a yellow splat on his head...? Oh yeah, apparently Orga tried to scramble Heddy with some eggs. Eh, whatever. All of his appendenges are dripping with toxic diarehha! And of course, the bulbous and shart filled boils on his back... Beautiful, right?


Shart ball comes with a clear stand, which his feet can peg into. Also his appendages come apart a lot, so are those accesories too?


Heddy is one very short monster. Only about 2.75 inches tall. Microscopic form maybe?


I bet by now you know I'm not a Hedorah fan, eh? Oh well, for what he is, he's pretty good.

8.5/10 Shartimus, Shartimus, Shartimus Prime!

Anyways, thanks for reading hope you enjoyed, and as a little disclaimer, why don't you check out my new YouTube Channel @GodzillaZero-One (creative, right?). Bye!

Next time: GI Joe Retaliation Budo Samurai

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