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Okay, first things first: Don't kill me. I'm sorry for being late, so I've got a deal, alright? Instead of being a review a week, I'm going to be doing a review every other week. It's not me being lazy (actually it is), it's me having to many plans and not having enough time for reviews, and having a limited source of Internet, now that my Kindle is dead (and being lazy). Also, here's my review of NECA's 6 inch Goji '14!


One of NECA's best! The gills are drop-dead gorgeous! He has nice detailing and sculpting all over his body. There is a nice gray and tan paint variation on his chest, and dark green highlights all over him. Very good in this department!


Average for NECA, which is good! Hinge jaw, ball joints at the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, and 2x at each thigh (aka barbel joint). Ball joint at his knees, ankles, and 4x at the tail before it transitions to bendy wire! Round of applause please! *Claps*


Here's the catch, he is on a six inch scale like most NECA's, except, inacurrately, he is a tad shorter than all other NECA Godzillas. This may not sound like a problem, but to some people, it drives them insane.



Very good, despite size matters.

9.75/10 Tsk, tsk, tsk... The height.

Anywho, thanks fo' reading, leave a comment, I hope you enjoyed! 

Almost forgot! Next time: MiniMates Godzilla Series 2!

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