Hello FireWalker residents! It's me, Master Zero, and today I will be reviewing the Shakespeare of the NECA Godzilla series. Don't get that? You will in a little while.


The sculpt is extremely similar to that of NECA's MogeGoji. There are a few noticeable gaps here and there, especially around the hips and armpits, but overall it's pretty great! The paint is nice too. On the burning welts (that's what I call them so don't complain) are made of a translucent orange plastic, as are the dorsal plates, and if you get some light there, they can glow! Like the time when Godzilla... died... Anyhow, the eyes are red and orange with black pupils. The mouth is red with white teeth, blah, blah, blah... Kudos in this part, but here's where we hit the reef...


This figure has some good articulation... Except one problem... THE HEAD KEEPS FALLING OFF GOD DAMMIT! Let's move on. Jaw: hinge. Head... Ball JOINT! Ball joint at the neck, abs, shoulders, biceps, elbows, and wrists. Finger hinges! Thighs are on a ball joint. He has really tight knee ball joints that don't flex a lot but, oh well. His feet are on ball joints. His tail is 4 ball joint sections at the base, but then becomes a pose able bendy wire. Articulation would be great if it weren't for that diabolical head joint.


Goji is on a 6-inch scale, and stands at around 6.4 inches tall.


There is no doubt that it is uncommon to have a loose head joint (as loose as mine anyways), but it is a great looking piece anyways. For $20, he's amazing!

6/10 Great looking, but mine only deserves a 6

WIN 20160131 104747
WIN 20160131 104854

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

WIN 20160131 104647

So you know what, I ordered a Black Series Boba Fett off of Ebay last week. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my review, leave what you think in the comments below, and have a good day (or night, or morning).

Next week: Funko Pop Vinyl Perfect Cell (Unless Boba Fett arrives)

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