Good day, loyal men and women of the Firewalker Empire! Like I promised last Sunday, I will review the SH MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 Special Color Version! This is my first SH MonsterArts figure, and I picked it up at a Barnes and Noble for $75. So is it worth the cash? Without further ado, let's get into the review.


So, being a Tamashii Nations figure, this has phenomenal sculpt and paint. Every segment is sculpted to help prevent gappage. My biggest problem with the gaps are when you move the arm down, a gap between the shoulder and torso appears. However, this is more of a nit pick than anything. The paint is nice too. He appears to be a dark grayish green, with some beige highlights. The mouth is a fabulous red. The spines are a white with a smooth transition to charcoal black in the centers. It resembles KiryuGoji, and is unlike the original.


So much articulation! I will go over this briefly. His jaw is on a ball joint, so you can get it crooked. The head and neck is on a series of segments, each on ball joints. He even has a hinge on his tongue! His arms are on a ball joint, with double ball jointed elbow, and ball joint on the wrist. Double segments on his torso, and a waist ball joints. He sports double ball jointed knees, calf swivel, and a ball joint at the feet. And the tail. Ohhhh, the tail. Each segment is a ball joint. Some parts do fall off easily though.


This guy is on a 6-inch scale, and clocks in at about 6.3" tall.


This guy is great! But there is one problem... Oh, yeah, the fact that HE'S $75! If you have, the money, you like the design, and don't mind spending a lot, consider this dude, he's great.

9.9/10 Once again, his price.

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KINDLE CAMERA 1451678870000
KINDLE CAMERA 1451680645000

Thanks for reading this, tell me what you think in the comments below, I'll see you next time!

Next week: NECA Godzilla 1995

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